16-year-old Abdallah jailed for 25 years over 10 cedis recounts his sad story


A guy by name Mohammed Abdallah has shared the tragic story of how he was wrongfully detained and later sentenced for a crime he knew nothing about.

The 27-year-old gentleman who was 16 years when the incident happened recounted how he was assaulted by a gang of guys he met on his way back home and accused of theft.

Speaking on the Corruption Watch Show on Adom FM, Abdallah took listeners on a journey of how he went from a free man to a prisoner at the Kumasi Central Prisons in about a month at the age of 16.

Covered on the Show in 2019, the publication on Abdallah’s story attracted a law firm by name Jusking who contacted the organisers of the show and offered the family of the victim a Pro bono service for the release of their son.

Abdallah who lived at Aboabo explained that after he was arrested on the basis of a theft he knew nothing about he spent a total of 30 days both in cells and in remand before sentenced to 25 years imprisonment. 

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Asked whether he told the Police and the judge if he was a minor, he stated that they didn’t believe him.

In addition, upon pleading not guilty in court, the judge told him he would use his power to prove he was guilty and that the defendant could file for an appeal whenever.

The ex-convict could barely hold back his tears as he added that he was doubtful even to the day of his release because he had lost all hope.

He said that an officer told him to pack his stuff because he would be released soon but he thought it was a prank until he met his mum waiting at the entrance and broke down in tears.

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Abdallah’s touching story is one that proves that bad things could indeed happen to some very good people

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