TESTIMONY: Unbelievable Just Read

My name is Juliet Few months ago, I graduated from the university. On my way back home, i went to the park & got a bus. While waiting for other passengers, I had this strange urge to urinate. It was so strong that it felt like i was going to mess my dress if I didn't ease myself immediately. I had to leave my seat and look for the toilet/ bathroom in the park to ease myself. When I got back, a man had taken over my seat. He dumped the book i left there on another seat. We argued & argued but it wasn't yielding any result for the man appears troublesome from the way he talked. I got tired and gave up. I sat exactly where he dumped my book. Shortly after, the driver took off. On our way, we had a very terrible accident. The impact from the crash made me faint. While i was unconscious, I saw myself crying by the road side, then this man on white came to me, I couldn't see his face very well but I remembered all what he said to me while I was still unconscious. When I regained consciousness. I noticed that someone had died in the bus that day; The man who took over my seat was killed by a metal that pierced through his chest. When I realized that I would have been the dead one, I remembered the message the man gave me. He said: '' MANY ARROWS OF DEATH & MISFORTUNE HAVE BEEN FIRED YOUR WAY BUT THEY WILL ALL PASS OVER YOU. WHOEVER YOU SHARE THIS MESSAGE TO THAT BELIEVES, I WILL MAKE ALL ARROWS OF SORROWS, MISFORTUNE, DEATH PASS OVER THEM.'' Then He disappeared. I have shared this. If you believe in this message, type 'Amen
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