247Aproko: Mum horrified as 2yr old daughter was found wandering streets alone after escape from her nursery

A mum was shocked when her two-year-old daughter was found wandering the streets alone after escaping from a nursery. She went to pick her daughter – Casey Mae Brown from Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in Manchester but discovered she had walked out the doors.

According to Manchester Evening News, a parent from a nearby School found her walking on the streets, about two minutes away from the nursery. Her mum was shocked on how her daughter had been allowed to walk through a door and two gates without being stopped – and didn’t even have a coat on. The said nursery is at the top of a hill and she was found at the bottom.
The nursery didn’t have a clue on what had really happened.
“The nursery only apologised after I pushed them. They let her go. They say she probably tailgated another parent, which is irrelevant. She got out because of lack of attention from the staff. Thank goodness someone found her. I’ve pulled her out of the nursery. I don’t feel like she’s safe. It was a really busy time of day, with loads of cars around on the school run.’