247Aproko: My girlfriend gets angry whenever I correct her

Hello Bukky,

My relationship is almost a year now. But since we’ve been dating, any time I complain or correct her, she might take note of it and do the right thing but she’ll get angry with me first and might not pick my calls. After everything has been settled, she starts doing the exact thing I complained about again.

The last issue we had, my girlfriend asked me to comment on her behaviour and I told her she’s changed from who she used to be and doesn’t treat me like she used to. I got a ‘thanks’ reply from her.

I thought all was well after that, I didn’t know what I said got her really angry. I had to beg her before we settled.

My question is this, Is my relationship safe? Should I stop correcting and commenting about her behaviour?




Hello Christian,

Thank you for reaching out to me on this delicate issue.

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Though communication is important in relationships, what matters more is the way you communicate. You may have good intentions for girlfriend but it may not come off that way if you don’t state your concerns properly.

The question is, how do you correct or talk about your concerns with her? do you use the ‘my way or no way approach’ or a ‘suggestive one’? Remember you were friends first, how would you correct your best friend?

It’s not bad to point out your girl’s fault but be subtle when you do that and know the right time to raise up an issue, having it at the back of your mind that her ego is easily bruised when corrected and this could breed resentment overtime causing her to change her attitude towards you.

There’ll be no need to keep asking for forgiveness if you know the right place and time to trash out whatever issue you have with her, and you’ll realise your relationship has gotten better with time.
I wish you the best.

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