247Aproko: Photographer Baffled After Capturing Ghost In Picture

A sceptic who spends his time trying to debunk ghost pictures has been left in utter confusion after he took a picture of the Grim Reaper in graveyard!
Dean Johnson, 48, took the spine-tingling snap during a visit to a cemetery in England where other weird pictures have been caught on film.
He took five shots, but was left stunned and shocked when he looked at the pictures and spotted a hooded figure kneeling by the grave of a young woman.
Dean said: “I have been taking pictures of so-called ghosts for 30 years but this is one of only three I cannot explain.
“My hobby has been to try and debunk ghost pictures by recreating them using mist or shadows but this was just plain weird.
“I don’t believe in ghosts and wanted to disprove it but couldn’t believe what was on my camera.”
Dean, who works as a supermarket delivery driver, has spent three decades trying to prove that ghosts are not real.
After Dean’s brother died in a car crash when he was a child, he spent years researching ghosts and concluded that there is no life after death.
“I wanted to believe in ghosts when my brother was killed in a road accident, being really young, I wanted to believe he would be watching over me.
“I was desperate to find out of ghosts existed, and started reading ghost books to see what it’s all about.
“But over the years I’ve been to hundreds of haunted places, and 95% of the time you can explain away odd things in pictures – it’s all about the power of suggestion.”
Dean has also captured other “unexplainable” spooky sightings, including a Victorian nurse wandering around a psychiatric hospital, but his latest sighting has scared him the most.
“I have to say, this picture is just one of three clearest pictures I’ve taken in my life where I can’t explain what the cause is.
“In other pictures I can say it is someone breathing into the frame, or that different shades of light are playing tricks on your mind – but this is different.
“If it was my breath, how could it travel to the ground, further along the grass, then swirl back up like that?”

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