247E!News: The Profile Of The Jungle Starz ∫ @am_doublep

Name : The Jungle Starz
Date of Birth : 26, May 1993
Nationality : Nigeria
State : Ebonyi State (Double-P), Cross River (Abelloxxi)
Hobbies : Singing, Composing and Designing
Role Model : Banky W, 2 Baba & Iyanaya

The Jungle Starz is a name of two talented twin single
artiste from Nigeria whom are well known by their
individual names as Double-P (from Ebonyi State ) &
Abelloxxi (from Cross river state)

This two talented artiste teemed up to become single artiste in their music carrier and since then there have been making
a great wave in the music Industry…

The Jungle Starz has a vision of living larger and living
strong together as one There are well known by their fans by there popular music tracks as below
2015-2016 Tracks 
1: Sangere
2 : Sweet Love
3 : After the Party
4 : Love Forever
UPcoming Tracks 
5:Wish you Well (SKN)
6: People Must Talk
7: Power Of Unity
8:Dignity Of the World

Meet with The Jungle Starz and you will never regret it
Follow the Jungle Starz
Instagram 1 : @am_Double_P
Instagram 2 : @abelloxxi_official
Tweet 1: @am_doubleP
Tweet 2@am_Abelloxxi_5
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