247E!news: “Some people are bent on killing my legacy” singer fumes

Blackface says he believe there is definitely a gang-up against me in the industry and this has been going on for a long time.

To a large extent artiste beefing each other in the Nigerian entertainment industry is allowed, they won’t be the first to start it. However, what is more serious is name calling especially when it has to do with stealing.

Veteran dancehall act and member of the defunct Plantashun Boiz, Blackface has called out Wizkid, to “stop stealing” his songs and he even made lyrics out of it in his new song titled ‘Killah‘
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Singer attacked by Blackface in new song ‘Killah’?
Serious about his allegations, Blackface told Punch Newspaper that Wizkid stole his song called ‘Since you been gone’ from his “Dancehall Bizness” album and remade it ‘Ojuelegba’.

He further added that the young hip-hop artiste have been copying many of his songs for a long time but he decided to keep quiet just to let peace reign.
“I never really wanted to talk about it all this while but after people started checking out my new song, Killa, many felt Blackface sounded like Wizkid, which I didn’t like.
“If you check properly, you would realise that Wizkid’s hit,

Ojuelegba, sounds exactly the same as the track 13 on my dancehall album released as far back as 2010. You need to listen to that album to know what I am talking about.

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The song is so similar that I think it shouldn’t be that way.
“Well, in Killa, I sang that “they tried to copy my melody,” and the bloggers got a hint of the gist and put their reports out. What I said is the truth and I am going to get to the root of this matter because I deserve justice.
“The Ojuelegba song has made so much revenue for Wizkid.

I am not bothered about that but I want the industry to be in a position whereby people will understand that some of the artistes and the songs they are cheering is someone else’s efforts, especially fellow artistes that they are doing everything to bring down. All they are doing is to bring down Blackface and to say that he is not relevant in the industry.

Some people are bent on killing my legacy. I believe there is definitely a gang-up against me in the industry and this has been going on for a long time,” he said
“There was a time Wizkid followed me on twitter and I told him that I don’t want him taking my songs and that if he wants to do any of my rhythm, he should let me know.

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I told him that because I was just being a big brother to him. I told him that our songs can’t be sounding so similar and that if he wants anything, he should let me know. But after some time, he ‘unfollowed’ me and it was shortly after then that the Ojuelegba song was released. I don’t have any problem with Wizkid or any other person, all I am saying is that they shouldn’t be tampering with my songs because those are my properties.
“Wizkid and I do different kinds of music and he doesn’t have my type of skill. I don’t have a problem with that.

 I am only bothered when somebody takes my song and tries to turn it around into theirs without giving me due credit,” he added.
Just a few days back, Wizkid was called out on Twitter by Dammy Krane who accused him of ‘stealing’ his lines, slangs and content. The episode later went physical with Wizkid assaulting Dammy Krane at the popular hangout, Club Quilox.

Watch ‘Killah‘ video below:

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