247Music: African Rockstar <> Kungfu 「 @Uchie_Rockstar 」

“If you hear me performing something and it’s not reggae, remember: I’m the african Rockstar, world musician. it’s just music.” And I want the world to hear me sing Reggae artist Uchie the African Rockstar is fully qualified, musically. Having produced his fair share of material in the United States, He took it all in stride, recording and writing new songs as he was learning about the Nigerian Music Industry that long awaited his welcome to stardom.



Born Uchenna Ejike-Charles Jr….., to Nigerian parents in December 1978, he spent most of his youth in Lagos Nigeria before he went to the U.S for higher education. He’d been exposed to reggae music as well as Nigerian music, afro beat, hip hop and alternative Rock for much of his young life and had begun making attempts at original music well after his teen years. He was rewarded with some interest but no real fame until 2006 when he returned from the States to start the journey from home. Africa.

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At 26, he managed to release in Lagos, Biga Wan. A track recorded in the states and produced by Christopher Oz Billik. The team-up of Uzrelli Records and Storm Records, and the success of the track catapulted him into the public eye and helped him produce his first Album. “Live From Within”. By the end of that year Uchie had become the next rising star on the horizon.

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