5 Cities Across Europe Where There Is No Racial Abuse Experience, They Are Safe To Visit


According to a world tourist, here are 5 cities across Europe where there is no racial abuse experience:

Edinburgh Scotland

Scottish people are some of the most hilarious and genuine people you’ll ever meet.


Not only will they feel comfortable opening up to you with their life story within seconds, but they’ll invite you for a beer, banter about how much they don’t consider themselves British (ha), and find a way to make light of any negative situation.

Collectively, they have some of the best senses of humour and while you’ll only catch every third word or so due to their accents (God bless it), their charm, welcoming spirits, and laid back personalities are the exact type of people you need in your life.  Just don’t go in the winter. Because of the hashtag, brutal.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is jokingly known as the “poor but s*xy” cousin to Munich, but is always a millennial favourite for digital nomads, gap year students, and others just in between jobs and taking time off to travel.


Germany is a pretty liberal country in general, and whether it’s the crazy house parties, the endless selection of cuisines, nudist parks, or the hipster vibe dripping throughout the streets, it’s a city that has something for everybody.

It’s got an amazing international community, so you’ll be bumping elbows with people from all walks of life on a nightly basis.

It’s also without saying that due to the dark Nazi history of Germany, they really have no room to repeat or harbour negativity towards other cultures, and it seems like they make a deliberate effort not to do so.

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Nice, France

Nice, which sits cosily along the French Riviera, is one of the most colourful, vivacious, and diverse cities in France.


You’re in a melting pot of cultures from around the world, which again means incredibly varied cuisines, and not to mention one of the most beautiful and unique architectural layouts in Europe, because of its mixed Italian and French influence in the past.

Nice is a city I’m always happy to go back to, and if you’re travelling for a longer period of time and you’re short on black hair care products, you’ll have NO problem finding everything you need here.

Krakow, Poland

I don’t know what took me so long to discover Poland, but I finally did (thanks, Busabout!) and loved every single minute.


Not only do the Polish people stop and smile at you as you pass them on the street, but you can feel their warmth and genuine appreciation for you being there in their expressions.

Though the basic words of the Polish language are a challenge to master, they’ll smile at your attempts and will meet you more than halfway with their very high levels of English.

But not in a terrifying way, but more so a “Wow, how cool to have a black person in our presence!” kind of way. And it’s both awesome and hilarious, and I think every black person needs to experience this and be spoiled forever, lol.

Also while on a bike tour with Cool Tour Company, our Polish guide ended his spiel with a very resounding speech about how much the Jewish community influenced the current state of Krakow, and how he’s so excited about the potential of the city and welcomes all other cultures to continue coming and contributing to what makes Krakow so great. I was moved by his words. Thanks, Wlodek!

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Budva, Montenegro

Budva is a city that’s on the extreme end of how much black skin can be appreciated abroad but not as extreme as Italy, which you could read exactly what I’m talking about here.

But in Budva, you’re not only welcomed, but you’re also practically celebrated, as you’re viewed as a celebrity as one restaurant owner confessed they get roughly two black tourists a year, and I’m sure that’s an overstatement, ha.

Czesky Krumlov, Czech Republic


As you’re casually mistaken for a famous black celebrity or actress constantly, restaurant owners will invite you to try their main dishes, bar owners will spoil you with drinks on the house, and private beach clubs will let you lounge on their property for as long you’d like. 

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