5 powerful skills to manage conflict in relationships


Are you about to throw in the towel? Before you do, you need to realize that rocky situations are to be expected as you travel down the road in your relationship.

The most important thing is to accept there are problems and be willing to work on them together. Relationships are about two people and no one can person can mend your sinking ship.

Unless you are sure nothing can be done, you must work through your issues or you will be left nursing a broken heart that could have been avoided. After all the time and emotions invested, walking away should be the last resort.

Petty or serious here are some tips on how you can overcome some of those obstacles in your relationship.

1. Listen
When you’re the one on the wrong or you have both contributed to the problem, listen to your partner without interrupting or getting angry.

Understand where they are coming from and seek ways to make amendments. If that means saying sorry, do so and be intentional about changing what happened so as not to hurt their feelings again and build their trust.

2. Don’t talk over the phone
Modern relationships have been made more complicated by lack of the normal form of communication which used to take place one on one.

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Couples would rather argue and bicker over calls or text and most often than not, the situation always gets worse as words get lost in translation.

Meet up at a public place and talk your issues out over dinner or coffee. The right ambience will allow the two of you to share without raising your voices or acting out.

3. Forgive
When your partner genuinely asks for forgiveness and they are taking the right steps to right their wrongs, accept it.

You must remember that you are two different people getting to know each other. And sometimes, he or she may have hurt or offended you unknowingly.

Let them know then let it go once they accept and apologize for their shortcoming.

4. Be respectful
Words can destroy or save your relationship so use them wisely. Another thing you need to remember is, you can never take back your words no matter how you try to justify your anger or frustration at the time.

Be polite, show some respect and love when discussing your problems. No matter how annoyed or hurt you may be, avoid cursing and mean comments that will put your partner down and cause irreparable damage.

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5. Keep your relationship problems private
You may be at that point where the last person you want to see live alone talk to is your partner. So, who do you turn to? Friends and family for some cheer.

Tempting as it may be to vent and air your frustrations, don’t. Once you discuss your relationship issues with other people, they may offer you unsolicited advice that may influence your decision.

They will form a certain picture of your partner or they may end up confronting them thinking they are helping you. In short, this will always end badly especially after your partner finds out you let the cat out of the bag.

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