6 things men do only when they are crazy about you


When you start loving someone, it’s exciting, but also awesome.

You are not sure if he feels for you in the same way, and you are looking for signs, attempting to stop the red flag.

Here are some signs that you can drop that guard and finally relax with the information that he wants to keep you.

1. He does not look at cellulite and stretch marks – he does not find you beautiful despite his flaws, but with his mind is beautiful. Now this is a real man.

2. He tells you what you don’t want to hear, but he tells you what you need to hear. This man does not forget your lines, and means that he really cares for you and is best interested in listening to you.

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3. He will have a spa night with you. Yes, he will go to the spa and he will do a medicure / pedicure with you and wear a mask of green tea without any embarrassment of seeing him as his boy friend. Now this is true love – who just wants to do what makes you happy.

4. Similarly, he will also go shopping with you. They usually have the duty of a husband or a serious lover (men hate shopping) so if he is not interesting to participate in shopping therapy, he wants to spend time with you, while most want to run away.

5. He doesn’t even notice when your hot friends or beautiful women are around you. It’s like a friend wearing a horse blinder (in a good way) that never makes you jealous.

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6. He believes that it is scary for you to have something .. He accepts that it is a big deal for you, whether it is about emotional or physical.

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