Achain Galaxy Phase Officially Launched

    At the beginning of 2019, the Achain team researched blockchain industry trends and weighed Achain’s original project roadmap against consumer demand. With this information, the Achain team adjusted the development Roadmap to provide maximum value to industry demands. This decision impacted the development of “Galaxy (multi-blockchain)”, the second stage of Achain’s blockchain feature set. Now we are pleased to announce the official launch of the long-awaited galaxy phase.

    Define “Achain Galaxy”.
    Achain Galaxy is a technical architecture for the multi-chain micro-service ecosystem. Each planet in a galaxy is a complete and independent main chain. Each planet can communicate with each other while working independently or in collaboration.

    In this galaxy, all public accounts are open. Each main chain is a version of the new technology iteration and an independent micro-service with different functions. The services provided by each chain are different. Users can choose to use a service on a certain chain to complete the work according to different scenarios, or they can link services across multiple chains to work together. Such a multi-chain architecture can be selected and combined according to the user’s unique requirements to meet their business needs and effectively reduce redundancy costs.

    Achain’s Troika Strategy Update — Achain Galaxy, ALabs, ACapital
    Achain Galaxy

    Achain continually strives to perfect our main chain because we are committed to the best feature set for the Achain Galaxy program, therefore we are now undergoing a new upgrade to meet the industry demands of Achain Galaxy. The new main chain is called Achain2.0. The current plan is to start internal testing in May 2019 and launch main-chain online officially in July 2019.

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    The main features of Achain2.0 are as follows:

    1. The contract performance is stronger, the platform is more open, users can develop and deploy contracts according to business needs.
    2. TPS is higher, block speed is faster, more transactions packaged per unit time with an overall increase of 60%.
    3. Flexible account access control is available to provide Dapp with a more complete account management system.
    4. Transparent and open community management is provided to create an open and transparent community environment.
    5. Flexible multi-threshold configuration is created, according to the actual situation of the network, the community can adjust resource allocation.

    A high-performance contract platform with open and transparent chain-based community management will be the bedrock of Achain’s multi-chain interworking protocol. The network will be feature-rich. Increasing TPS can enable Achain to support more inter-chain communication while satisfying basic transactions.

    The purpose of this comprehensive upgrade is to ensure that each blockchain in the Achain galaxy is independent and successful.


    We have been working on blockchain tech innovation, seeking breakthroughs in blockchain infrastructure, blockchain scalability and blockchain management. ALabs periodically produces research reports to share the insights on its latest research in breakthrough technologies. To spur adoption and increase cash flow, ALabs also offers industry-specific solutions.

    ALabs research areas include: DAG, scalable blockchain, zero-knowledge proof, light client, anti-fraud certificates, etc…


    The mission of ACapital is as follows:

    1. To create investment opportunities and assemble a dynamic portfolio
    2. To expand innovation points
    3. To establish a blockchain ecology for Achain.

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    ACapital operations were suspended during the market downturn. Our investment results were performing average compared to other investment institutions in this industry during these market conditions.

    Per Achain founder Tony Cui’s predictions, the current industry is at a turning point transitioning to a stage of rapid growth. So Achain have decided to introduce traditional capital and resources to restart ACapital. Initially, we will focus on acquiring flow-type products (i.e. products with a large user-base) and projects. Many good teams have quality projects that can be considered. ACapital will not spend any ACT for investments currently as future investments will be supported with traditional capital. Our focus is fixed on fostering the expansion of the Achain ecology and on attaining our strategic goals. Currently traditional capital from ACapital will support the operations cost of Achain team for at least 2 years. From our monthly report, you can see that no ACT expenses any more.