Achain won the Most Promising Blockchain Award at Global Sleepless Blockchain Leaders Summit

June 6th, 2018 Hangzhou. Global Sleepless Blockchain Leaders Summit (GBLS) was jointly organized by Hangzhou Economic and Information Technology Committee and Hangzhou Xihu District People’s Government. 2018 Global Sleepless Blockchain Leaders Summit and the Global Blockchain Leadership Awards Ceremony opened in Hangzhou.
The theme of this year’s conference is “Let the world hear the sound of the blockchain”. Notable guests include Luo Yong, vice president of the Strategic Research Institute of China International Engineering Consulting Company, Wei Xianhua, professor of economics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Steve Melnikoff, chief scientist of Penta, and co-founder of Bitcoin China. Achain was also invited to attend the summit and won the most promising blockchain award. 
Achain is grateful for the Award. During the past few months, Achain has achieved a series of results:
1. Completed the first phase of the roadmap planning,
built a high-performance, secure blockchain
2. Network that can launch smart contracts easily and quickly.
The current Achain network has 120+ smart contracts running and 60+ Dapp. Achain community members have reached 2 million, and the number of ACT holders exceeds 600,000, covering more than 30 countries and regions. 
ACT are actively traded on 20+ exchanges around the world. Achain has strategic partnerships with Tsinghua University Icenter, Android China, Singapore ACCESS Association, Google US, Mico, PundiX, and other well-known institutions. 
In the second phase of the roadmap, in addition to continuing to provide basic smart contract services, Achain will focus on research and development of Dapp dedicated chain and cross-chain communication technologies to provide customized chain services for different industries. 
At the same time, Achain will continue to build its ecosystem and global communities. Achain strives to build a boundless blockchain reality.