Achain Bi-Weekly Update | March 18–31, 2019

    Core Development

    Network core optimization and development is ongoing:

    Designed and debugged new main-chain block voting and reward claim mechanism.

    Added the setconfig command line permitting the dynamic setting of parameters on the main-chain.

    Added log description to show block “hard replay” progress.

    Investigated virtual machine technology of our current contract, and compared the advantages and disadvantages of EVM, CVM, WASM.

    Added config settings function to the main-chain.

    Added new config acquisition function.

    Initiated blockchain browser design.

    Researched DAG products and technologies.


    Huobi exchange resumed ACT deposits & withdrawals. The Achain team apologizes for any inconvenience. We thank both community members and exchange partners for their diligent support.

    Achain and LiveTree discussed community collaboration and airdrop related scenarios. UK-based LiveTree is a token-based streaming and content distribution service working with approximately 14,000 entertainment companies globally.

    Achain and blockchain company Blockshine officially signed an MOU this week reaching strategic cooperation on blockchain technology and market expansion. Blockshine, which is supported by Blockchain Global, is a leading service provider of global blockchain consulting, information, and news resources.

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    ALabs, Achain’s blockchain laboratory, completed main-chain development for the Etomato Group.

    Evaluated candidates who volunteered to manage the Achain Reddit platform.

    Achain team participated in the I.P Meetup on March 20th, 2019, where SMEs, startups and blockchain entrepreneurs discussed commercial blockchain adoption.

    The 15th phase of Achain Loyalty Program is in progress.

    For the first snapshot of the 15th period: the number of active participants was 7,279, and the total number of the participating ACT was 160,264,685.

    For the second snapshot of the 15th period: the number of active participants was 7,301, and the total number of the participating ACT was 168,613,562.

    Achain participated in the Bitblock Capital Roadshow in Korea on March 27th, 2019 where decentralized platforms such as Oculus Rift, Music WorldCup, and YIZOOT were discussed. The Achain team also networked with representatives from investment institutions and online exchanges.

    Achain attended “POW’ER 2019 China Blockchain Contributors Annual Summit” for in-depth discussions about opportunities and challenges in the blockchain industry.

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    The Achain community reward system is currently undergoing planning and testing.

    The Achain community was informed about an upcoming, live AMA session in April 2019, (date TBD).

    Achain team conducted an internal audit with the aim of increasing overall operational efficiency and preparedness for future opportunities.

    The first phase of the Achain Overseas Community “Guess Transaction No. & Win ACT” has ended and the award was distributed. The quiz will be held every Monday with a different block height.

    Community members are invited to participate: