African Stars Who Love Online Casinos

African Stars Who Love Online Casinos 1

How many times have you heard that celebrities are just regular people? It’s true; once they leave the scene, they have the same activities and hobbies. Online casinos are popular worldwide, so it’s no wonder that African stars love playing games on internet platforms. The majority doesn’t even hide this passion from the public. Here is a list of top African celebrities who enjoy online gambling!

  • Akon

If you enjoy R&B music, you are familiar with Akon. His huge hits like Locked Up, Belly Dancer, and Lonely made him famous in the 2000s. This Senegalese-American author knows how attractive the online casinos real money experience is. Are you wondering how we know about his love for gambling? The answer is that he planned to build a casino himself!

Akon wants to do a huge thing for his home country Senegal. That’s why he revealed plans to build a futuristic city only an hour’s drive away from Dakar. Akon revealed that he drew inspiration from the Black Panther and his city Wakanda. The city should include shopping malls, solar power plants, stadiums, and other facilities. Yes, the list also includes a huge casino. The plan is to finish the city by 2030, but the project is still in an early phase.

  • Sol Kerzner

Solomon Kerzner was a South African business magnate that established the two biggest hotel groups in this country. Even though he was an accountant, Sol proved an expert in the tourism and hospitality industry. He redefined luxurious resorts in SA when he established Sun City in 1979.

It sounds incredible that Kerzner was flying over a pile of land when he had an epiphany. He believed it could become a majestic resort with a casino, and it only took a year to make those dreams come true. Kerzner established many hotels and casinos throughout South Africa. Sol’s contribution to the gambling scene was huge, so all gaming fans were saddened that he passed away in 2020.

  • Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o is an actress that had roles in Black Panther and Star Wars. She was born to Kenyan parents and is a huge star in Africa. Nyong’o doesn’t have anything against casinos. She proved that when she appeared in the Monte Casino in Johannesburg for a movie promotion. It was Queen of Katwe, a film that became a huge hit among the African audience.

  • Whoopi Goldberg

The passion for online casinos is equal among males and females. If you look for the most passionate women gambler among celebrities, you can’t overlook Whoopi Goldberg. 

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Whoopi was born in NYC but traced her roots to Guinea-Bissau. The actress never visited this country because she’s afraid of flying, but she has an open invitation from the government. In the meantime, Whoopi enjoys visiting land-based and online casinos. She even commented on the situation on the US gambling scene on several occasions. Her most controversial statement was about babies crying in casinos. Goldberg believes that you shouldn’t be able to see or hear any children while on the casino floor. That’s why she probably enjoys online gaming platforms that allow her to play from any location.

  • Chris Rock

Chris Rock is another celebrity who traced his roots back to Africa. The DNA tests showed he has Cameroonian descent. There’s no information if Rock ever visited Cameroon, but you can see that he gladly performs in casinos. Apart from these venues, we can also see this star at sports events. He loves tennis matches, and maybe we will see him at Premier League games soon, just like Burna Boy, who recently went to Manchester to watch a football game.

  • Ludacris

Ludacris showed how important family is. He married a beautiful girl from Gabon and decided to accept citizenship in this country. Ludacris went to Gabon with his wife and even visited Ghana during his journey. 

We have reasons to believe the rapper enjoys playing casino games. His song “Put Your Money Up” mentions going to Vegas casinos with chips. Those lyrics could only be written by a person who loves online gambling. 

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How Celebrities Deal with Gambling Addiction

The fact you are a celebrity doesn’t make you immune to gambling addiction. It’s crucial to recognize if you take things too far.

Here is what celebrities who fought gambling addiction did:

  • Battling with it alone. Some famous people had the strong will necessary to reduce visits or stop playing in casinos altogether.
  • Ask friends and family for support. The celebrities underline it’s much easier when you are not going through a rough patch alone. Your friends and family can help while battling a gambling addiction.
  • Professional consultations. It’s no shame to head to professional therapy to deal with potential gambling issues.

Final Thoughts

The stars in various industries love the fun offered by casino games. Some keep this hobby a secret, while others don’t hide their gambling ventures. Online casinos made it easier for celebrities to play their favorite games whenever they felt like it. All they should do to join millions of players is pick a platform and sign up for an account. The next time you play in an online casino, you might be playing with a celebrity without even knowing!

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