[Album] Swagga Don – Afrikan Avatar

[Album] Swagga Don – Afrikan Avatar 1

This album by D SWAGGA DON covers new genres of afrikan music, afrikan influences, afrikan rhythms to demonstrate that afrika and afrikan music is the origin of all music heard today. From negro spirituals, high life, soca, blues, jazz, soul, hip hop, rap, reggae, calypso, griot messengers, afro beat, afro pop & afro rock, this musical experience has been woven, crafted & blended by the Swagga Don, the Afrikan Avatar, to promote Afrika & the Afrikan Diaspora music and provide listeners with a musical afrikan journey from the Caribbean, Amerikas & the Continent of Afrika.


Listen to AFRIKAN AVATAR, put on your dancing shoes, imagine yourself in any afrikan townships, and be influenced,  be spiritual, be loved in an afrikan way, feel the afrikan life n the afrikan vibe! immerse yourself in the afrikan spirit, let SWAGGA D DON captivate you and take you on an Afrikan musical journey.

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