Ama K Abrebrese taken by surprise as pharmacy attempts to sell nose mask for GHC 150


Actress and movie producer Ama K Abrebrese has expressed shock as to how some people are planning to make money or profit out of the current global pandemic.

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus aka COVID-19 seems to be taking a huge toll on people and has therefore made people to take their safety precautions in avoid getting infected very serious.

The actress took to her Twitter handle to recount how she was nearly duped at a pharmacy when the attendant tried to sell a pack of nose mask to her for more than the actual price.

She narrated that, she went to one of the pharmacy shops to purchase a pack of nose mask to which the attendent told her costs GHC 150.

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Ama K Abrebrese stated that she immediatly walked out and went to a different pharmacy shop where she bought the same pack for GHC 35.

She posted: “I went to a pharmacy in Accra to buy a box of disposable nose masks and was shocked to be told the price is 150 GHC for a box of 50 pieces. Clear liberties.
So I told them, no thank you. I went to another pharmacy, and a box of 50 pieces disposable nose masks is 35 GHC.”

See screenshot below:

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Ever since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the country, some netizens on social media explained that Ghanaians are going to be the same people to kill themselves.

According to them, people are going to use the nose mask and other things to enrich themselves which would make those who might not be able to afford them lose their lives to the virus.

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