Amazing Everyday Product Made In China That Are Taking Over The World


If you’re like most people, you associate the words ‘Made in China’ with off-brand toys that don’t quite look right. 

But, China’s also probably the birthplace of most cellphones, computers, and oil tankers. In fact, many experts now believe that the days of ‘Cheap China’ are drawing to an end, and I’m inclined to agree with them. To prove this point, let’s explore 20 amazing Chinese products that are all made in China.

LG Pocket Photo Printer

It won’t be long before the photo booth goes the way of the dodo. And, it’ll be little wireless photo printers like this that helps drive them there.

Manufactured by LG, this pocket printer can slide into your back pocket for on-the-go selfie printing. As it operates off Bluetooth, there’s no need to carry around wires and cartridges. Costing just over $100 dollars this amazing Chinese product comes with 10 sheets of paper and a USB charger.

Storm Glass

Basically a meteorologist in a bottle, this amazing Chinese product can supposedly predict changes in the weather.

The chemicals inside form crystals of varying sizes depending on the pressure and humidity of the weather. If the liquid inside is clear, for example, the weather is supposed to be bright and sunny. Thread-like wisps indicate wind, turbidity indicates clouds, and small dots indicate fog. Some people used to think these sorts of devices worked, but it turns out they just react to temperature changes in their surroundings. Accurate or not, it’s probably worth the $20 price tag. To be honest, it’s still probably more accurate than your average weatherman.

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Color-Changing Faucet

A twitch of the faucet to the left can turn your warm shower into an ice bath. This product, however, makes it easy to see the temperature of your water without having to shove your whole dang arm in it.

Fitting most standard faucets, this product will glow one of four colors depending on the temperature of the water flowing through it. A bright blue indicates the water is chilly while a flashing red tells you that scalding is possible. This faucet also makes your bathroom look pretty cool. Win-Win.

Selfie Lamp

Lighting can spell the difference between a stellar selfie and a terrible snap. This LED light ring helps bridge that gap.

Easily mounted on any smartphone, this LED ring offers three levels of illumination to help decrease glare and shadowing. When used correctly, this selfie-accessory spits back pictures that are always crisp and clearly lit. It won’t do anything about the pizza face, though.

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Plasma Lighter

If you need to burn some of those selfies, this electro-impulse lighter might come in handy.

Because it replaces fire and fluid with plasma, these Chinese lighters will outlive even the hardiest Zippo. They’re also completely maintenance-free. Charged via a USB port, these lighters can go up to 10 days between charges and are completely unaffected by the weather.

Run-Away Alarm Clock

For all the Rip Van Winkles out there, this alarm clock is a must-have.

It not only removes the temptation of the snooze button but also makes us chase after it. Using its durable wheels for traction, this still-shrieking alarm clock does everything it can to get out of its owner’s reach.

By the time you catch the dastardly thing, you’ll be wide awake. Then again, that’s kind of the idea.

Drawing Robot

This drawing machine is every freelance artist’s nightmare.

With just a few simple instructions, this wonder robot can reproduce any piece of art with startling precision. While I love the idea of a Mona Lisa in everyone’s home, I shudder at what this mechanical Michelangelo might mean for the forgery rate.

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