It is time we stand bold and speak our mind in the perspective we think things are not going right Nigeria because this country belongs to us all, but some group of people keeps doing and acting as if God/Allah handed this country over to them after creation.

Indeed, our LEADERS are the one that have failed Nigeria, Nigeria failed because of the kind of leaders that keeps on ruling this country year after, Power/Authority keeps revolving amongst same group of cabals thereby privatizing the belong country and turning it into family business what is meant to protect and favor the common man is being denied all in the name of nepotism.

Years back when I was born the nurses in the hospital where I was born insisted I must cry before they can conclude that all is well with me, few years later I began to realize the mystery behind the reason why they wanted me to cry by every means which is simply because of the country I am born it, where some group of people derive joy from the hardship and suffering of others.

Nigeria is one of the greatest countries in the world but corrupt leaders keeps abusing the blessings God endowed it with and we keep hearing everyday that young ones are the leaders of tomorrow, sincerely I tell you Nigeria will be much better if the youth are also allowed to attain Presidential Post in this country.

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They deceived us made the laws by themselves in a way it will favor them only simply because the white men sold the country to them in return with what does not belong to them, they see it as an opportunity to kill and oppress the poor masses if any risings to contest power with them or to claim what is rightfully theirs.

It’s a pity, Politician please pity for us.

Killing is not the solution to this country’s problems rather bad eggs that keeps forcing themselves into office without proper selection by the people.

It’s a pity our votes no longer counts, only the ones appointed by the cabals rules the country and handle the offices, we vote they appoint which leads to complains and hardship, suffering, economic recession, agitation and so much ill manner of this we see vividly in the country today.


>> One of the solution to the crisis in the governmental system is REVOLUTION, GHANA did it and it worked for them and today Ghana is far better than how it used to be before, the question now is who is gonna carryout the Revolution process? Well the question is here for you to answer!

>> Constitutional Amendment to enable the youth Attain Presidency in Nigeria these old men have been given a lot of chances and time to make Nigeria a better place to live on Earth but they failed it’s time to try the young ones

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>> TRUE CONFEDERALISM: this is another way Nigeria can be rearranged to suit both the poor and the rich.

Just imagine how better Nigeria will if all the 36 State produce and manage their resources respectively without any authority from the Federal level directing them on how to utilize their resources, for instance if Nigeria practice confederalism the state will have independent power to develop its region without wait for allocation or whatsoever thereby creating greater job opportunity for it citizens.

The Presidency is paying a deaf ear to all the problems facing the country and I tell you personally am not happy about it, the level of dictatorship in this leadership is alarming and called for. Running Nigeria as if it’s your personal business.

Everything Written here points out how i personally feel about our Great
country Nigeria, and it is not not meant for any political interest or
Campaign, i just wanna make Expensive Sense.



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