Breaking News: New JAMB Exam Format for 2017 UTME – Must Read

JAMB has now reduced the number of UTME
questions and the time for the entire exam. We
will now explain the new format below;
Following up with our earlier publication, which
confirmed that JAMB has now reduced the
number of exam questions and time.
So the 2017 UTME Questions & Time Format will
now be as follows;
 1. Total Number of Questions: 180
2. Time to answer all questions: 2 Hours
3. Use of English: 60 Questions
4. Other 3 Subjects:
40 Questions Each
Going by this new format, we really don’t think
the exam will be any easier than what it used to
be. The only thing is that the exams will now be
faster for each candidate.
What do you think about the new changes? Let
us know via the comment section. You too can
help JAMB by dropping your own opinion.
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