Check Out Insects People Eat Around The World


To some individuals, eating insects is a NO NO! while to some, it is the most delicious edibles they can’t wait to have when they see one.

Here are some of the everyday insects people eat around the world  



Crickets are such a fantastic insect for eating. They’re possible to find all around the world, most types of crickets are edible and they’re filled to the brim with protein! 

It’s also possible to get your cricket intake in the form of cricket powder, which has a bit of a nutty flavoring and can be used similarly to regular flour; also, in countries like Cambodia, you can find fried crickets served on sticks and in Thailand you can buy a bag of ready-to-eat pregnant crickets.



The properties of grasshoppers are much like that of a cricket, especially in its availability and protein richness, and it’s considered a popular delicacy in Mexico. In the country, they are traditionally fried then tossed with chile and lime. They are also eaten in different parts of the world including Africa.

They’re easy to catch in the wild, although you will want to avoid capturing any particularly bright colored ones as they are poisonous.

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No, you will not want to roast the cockroach you managed to catch roaming around your home, but yes you totally can eat some cockroach species! You can cook them in numerous ways, from boiling to toasting. An especially delicious cockroach delicacy is said to exist in Madagascar.




Although they’re not really bugs, they’re often labeled as an edible one for these types of lists. And, why not, since they are edible! Your best bet to find them is right after rainy weather, anywhere in the world, but if you happen to be in the mood for earthworms on a sunny day you may be able to find them in places like under flora on any given day of the week; then you’ll just cook them and voila!



Commonly used as a powder in traditional Chinese medicine, centipedes are also known to be edible and, for example, are eaten by Aboriginals in Australia, in addition to which it is street food in China where you can commonly find it on a stick. 

You’ll want to dine on a centipede that’s well-cooked, however, as they are venomous in their raw state, and digesting venom might not be your idea of a fun food adventure.

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Dragonflies are best to eat during the spring and summer seasons when they’re the easiest to catch due to the volume of them in the nature then. 

They’re far easier to catch when they’re still in the nymph age, but they are also edible once they reach adulthood. 

They only need to be cooked for mere seconds to be free enough of any germs you might not want to digest; you can also eat them as they are, but swallowing these creatures might be easier once you’ve pulled off their legs and wings.

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