Check Out Weird Wedding Traditions From Across The World


A Weddings is a fun day for the couple and their guests. However, couples don’t know what awaits them on this day 

Here’s a list of some of the weirdest wedding traditions from around the world. Let us know which of them you find most ridiculous. 

The Congo: No smiling


While most about-to-be marrieds brim with excitement and anticipation, Congolese brides and grooms must keep their happiness in check — during their entire wedding day, from ceremony to reception, the two are not allowed to smile. If they do, it would mean they weren’t serious about marriage.

Fiji: An expensive gift

In Fiji, presenting a ‘tabua’ which is the teeth of a sperm whale in an engagement is about status and it means that the man’s family is financially okay.

The valuable relic, associated with good luck and even supernatural powers has been an integral part of the tribe.

A single tooth strung with braided cord as an oversize pendant on a necklace can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Despite the cost, giving tabuas still forms part of the Fiji culture. The practice is more common in rural areas, he said, but even in the urban areas, the tradition continues among some families

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Cuba: Money Dance


Cuba weddings are nonreligious, civil ceremonies. The money dance allows guests to give the bride and groom a helping hand with their honeymoon and their new lives together. 

After the formal ceremony is over, men who wish to dance with the bride must first pin money to her dress. This interactive – and highly profitable – custom is also common in parts of the southern United States, Poland, and Greece.

Sweden: Bride & Groom Gets A Kiss from Everyone


According to the Swedish custom, after the priest has pronounced the couple man and wife, if the bride leaves the room it’s traditional for all the women to line up to kiss the groom.

And when the groom leaves the room to go to the bathroom then all the men get up and kiss the bride.

French: Eat From Potty


One of the wedding traditions of the French people is the Le Pot de Chambre. 

A ‘pot de chambre’ is literally a chamber pot or potty for short where newlyweds are forced to drink from.

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The aim of this ritual was meant to provide the newlyweds with energy and strength after the meal, just before the wedding night.

At the end of the meal, the guests gift a brand new chamber pot to the newlyweds. In this pot, the friends must have prepared a funny mixture with leftovers of the alcohol from the wedding. 


They then force the newly weds to take this mixture from the potty hence welcoming them to the new reality of ‘married life’! 

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