Davido’s Profile: Net Worth, Cars, Background Story And Facts You Don’t Know

Today we present to you a bio profiling of Africa’s
biggest artist (Arguably) Davido.
And we are not showing you common things you’ve read about him on Wikipedia or
Google, but background stories you don’t know, Facts and other things you don’t
know that you would like to know.

Davido Biography

The Background Story You Don’t Know Davido was 16 Years Old when he had arrived
in Huntsville, a year earlier.

His father, Dr. Adedeji Adeleke , a well-known businessman and Seventh-day
Adventist in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of over $300 million , dropped
him off with his passport, $2,000 cash, and freshman registration documents for
Oakwood University, a historically black Christian college.

(People often attach the honorific ‘Chief’ to Dr. Adeleke’s name, referring to
his wealth and power, largely earned through his founding of Pacific Holdings,
a company that deals in steel, oil, gas, and more.)

Davido had already spent time in the U.S.—he was born in Atlanta, and sometimes
visited in the summer—but much about life in the States was new to him. “That
was the first time I had a phone in America.

There was unlimited calling. I never saw nothing like that before,” he
remembers. “In Nigeria, you gotta pay before you get what you want.”

The school roomed him with another international student,
a Rwandan track athlete—“I was like, ‘Okay, wow.

They just put all the African people together?’”—but he
gravitated toward an upstairs neighbor named Jaymo, an American kid whose
speakers constantly rattled Davido’s ceiling. “One day, I went to go check what
the noise was.

I went upstairs, opened the door, and the guy had a full studio in his room,”
he says. “I told him that I was trying to do music, too.
He asked me, ‘How much do you have to invest in equipment?’ And I said,
‘$2,000.’ He was like, ‘That’s too much.’” They went to Guitar Center with

From then on, Davido spent most of his time making beats and recording vocal
references to send to a cousin in Lagos, a fellow musician with a trove of
industry contacts.

His grades slipped, and after three semesters, he dropped out and left town
without telling his father.

First he went to Atlanta, where he used his older brother’s ID to get into
clubs, and funneled the money Chief Adeleke sent for school and living expenses
toward drinks and motels.

Later, he threw out his SIM card and hopped on a plane London, where he went
MIA for several months as he shifted his focus from production to vocals.

“There was no Snapchat, no Instagram. There was barely Twitter,” he says. “I just
went off the radar.”

Chief Adeleke, meanwhile, had been on the hunt for his son. When Davido finally
returned to Lagos in 2011, with new tattoos and piercings, his father had him
apprehended by police officers at the airport.

Having failed to bring home the business management degree he’d been sent to
America to complete, Davido reached a compromise with his father: he, still a
teenager, would attend a private university two hours north of the city.

His music dreams would be sidelined until he had honored his family by
graduating. Davido returned to school, but often snuck out of his dorm room to
hobnob at industry parties and blew off exams to record.

Work on Davido’s debut studio album, Omo Baba Olowo, began in 2011. On May 7,
2011, Davido produced and released his first musical recording “Back When ”.

The song served as the album’s lead single and received frequent airplay. The music video for the single, uploaded onto YouTube on May 9, 2011, was shot
and directed in Nigeria by Clarence Peters. Davido told Factory 78 TV that he
recorded “Back When” in London.

Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Davido

⇒ His personal earnings from music is not
yet up to 80 million dollars, so he most likely do not have 30 billion Naira in
his account.

But maybe his father gave him some money, who knows?

⇒ Davido currently has the highest
numbers of cars in his garage more than any Nigerian celebrity.

⇒ In the last 24 months Davido have been
Africa’s highest paid musician as he has sold out many singles and shows also
gotten many endorsement deals from huge brands.

⇒ Following Media Publications, Davido is
the most charitable celebrity in Nigeria, as he’s helped many. And he keeps
doing more.

⇒ Davido has anger issues.

⇒ Davido‘s IF song, is the first Nigerian
song to top many charts in South Africa. The song went platinum in SA.

⇒ Davido have never charged for a collabo
in his life.

⇒ Davido 30 billion concert in Lagos is
the biggest concert ever in Eko hotel.

⇒ Davido buys expensive gifts for all his
label artists and executives all the time out of their contract deal. As an
artist, Davido is highly respected. But not a lot of people know he is also a
record producer.

⇒ He has produced songs for Naeto C,
Skales , Tiwa Savage and Sauce Kid . He is always heavily involved with the
production of his hit songs.

⇒ He initially used to backup for Sina
Rambo who was a rising rapper in the US then. Together with B-Red, 3 of them
were in a group called KB international.

⇒ His debut single, ‘ Back When ’ which
features Naeto C was released in 2011 and set him on the path to greatness. He
reportedly paid Naeto C N1million to feature on that song.

⇒ Before fame, Davido once begged to take
pictures with Mohits artists like D-prince , Dr sid , Wande Coal now he is
bigger than all them.

⇒ Davido is a dropout like many
successful people in the world. Because of his love for music, his grades
suffered, so he dropped out and relocated to London where he honed his music

Davido Cars
The fans of the famous musician are very curious about Davido car garage. Below
we will show you all the details about this luxurious cars collection.

Recently it has become known that Davido bought a new model of Bentley
Bentayga, the price is around N94 million.

Other Davido’s Cars list:-

Honda Accord: It is maybe the most modest one of the garage in comparison with
the rest of the cars.

Chevrolet Camaro GS:
The price of this car is around $53,853. Davido changed
the color of this car for three times since 2012.

A Toyota Land Cruiser worth N17,500,000,

Range Rover Sport: This car costs N40,000,000.

Porsche Carrera: for N40,000,000, this is one of Davido’s dreams that came

Mercedes Benz Sedan AMG: The cost of this luxury car is N56,000,000. The singer
bought this one during his tour in the USA.

Rolls Royce Phantom: Some of these type of cars right now costs N100,000,000.

Audi R8 Coupe supercar: This is a new car that costs N20,000,000.

There are other cars they Davido got long ago that we’ve not featured on the
Davido Net worth

When it comes to celebrities Net worths in Nigeria, no media house can really
tell a celebrity’s net worth as our public figures don’t open up on matters
like that.

But we @ 9JaUpDate247.com
as a respectable media brand and with our knowledge and connections in the
entertainment industry we can tell you as of 2018 Davido’s industry net worth is
estimated to be $18 million.

Most of his wealth comes from music sales, shows, and endorsements by
multi-national brands including Pepsi, MTN, etc.