Did You Know This Hotel Is Already Winning Praise, And It’s Not Even Open Yet? See How


Wondering how a hotel which is yet to open winning praise? According to the report, the Six Senses Shaharut resort in southern Israel was

set to open in May 2020, is being called a must-visit destination for its exotic location and ultra-lux design.

In the south of Israel’s Negev desert lies the small village of Shaharut, which in 2018 counted a population of 138. As of this spring, it’ll also

house the Six Senses Shaharut, a hotel and resort that’s already generating buzz before it even opens.

The 60-suite hotel, featuring private pools and a full-service spa, occupies roughly 46 acres in the Arava Valley, comprising a unique

landscape and setting that’s earned it a spot on CNN’s list of 20 best new hotels to visit in 2020.


The news outlet called Six Senses Shaharut “the perfect destination for the intrepid luxury traveller.”

With all it’s got to offer, the honour comes as no surprise. Amenities include an all-day restaurant, a poolside bar and grill, and a juice bar

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and alchemy bar. But perhaps the most standout feature on the property is its own array of functioning camel stables, where guests can

reserve camel rides.


Hotel executives said the architecture of Six Senses Shaharut has been designed to integrate into the local topography and preserve the

natural terrain. The villas are built from, and inspired by, local rocks and pigments, with the landscaping utilizing regional cactus and

indigenous desert blooms.


The hotel also said the resort will only feature electric cars throughout the property, “out of respect to the environment.”

The spa offers a 262-foot indoor pool, 80-foot outdoor lap pool, fully-equipped gym and yoga studio with grand views. There is a nail bar for

manicures and pedicures.

Another onsite attraction is an open-air amphitheatre, where guests can dine and socialize under the stars in a Bedouin-inspired setting, complete with a fire pit for late-night feasting.

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There’s also a dedicated kids hangout for younger guests who do not wish to join their parent’s adventures. Guests can arrange excursions

for extreme sports like off-road driving, mountain climbing, mountain biking and rappelling; or more leisurely family-inclusive activities like

hiking, safaris, craft workshops, bird watching and wine tours.

If all of that sounds appealing (and how could it not?), be advised that getting to the resort might be an adventure in itself. Flights from Tel

Aviv to Eilat is 50 minutes, followed by a transfer to the resort from newly opened Ramon National Airport. Alternately, driving to the resort

from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem takes around 3 1/2 hours.

The resort was scheduled to open in May 2020.

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