Double Jay (Bobo Juice) Unexpectedly Leaves No Limit Music moves To Marcus White Music

News has been making round the internet recently that Double Jay has finally decided to leave No Limit Music but we it should be done peacefully to suit both parties and favourable to fans because everyone’s eyes are open and watching.
You can recall that Double Jay is fond of being seen recently around Marcus White, The CEO Marcus White Xclusive clothing, he has recently been flaunting a hashtag with #MWM and has finally made a move to Marcus White Music
Double Jay is expected to have a peaceful and amicable termination of his contract with NO LIMIT MUSIC before switching to #MWM
No Limit Music is still willing to negotiate with Double Jay and his new Label before it’s too late, for a peaceful termination of the contract he signed with the Music Company…

We are we are only doing our job reporting accurately as it happens… we will update you as soon as we speak with Double Jay/Marcus White Xclusive…. Stay tuned…