Duncan Mighty Is Confused On Twitter? – 9JaUpDate247 Describes It As Jaming Heads &….

Duncan Mighty the Fake Love crooner has been described as “Confused
On Twitter
” due to so many misinformation and high level of impersonation
melted and displayed on the superstar’s Twitter handle.
Severally people might have uncounted untold hardship
trying to connect to the Portharcourt 1ST Son on twitter but proved
to be futile and it is very sad when such things happens especially when it has
to do with the person of his caliber.

really mean no grudges but to point straight to the issues most of Duncan Might’s
super fans are experiencing while try to meet with him or even do business with
him through twitter social media handle.
we think this is very import and has to be corrected if possible report those
other Fake Accounts linked to your name so they will be taken down forthwith by
of those other fake handle is really dusting your image and reputation because
of the false information they might be spreading and feeding the public with,
unsuspecting individuals may not find it difficult to believe in whatever they
see in those fake twitter handles linked to your name.

might think you are really the man behind those handles and thereby unknowingly
be misled.

Duncan Mighty during a recent interview with Planet
radio TV Accused “Management Companies Of Being The Biggest Problem Of TheIndustry”