Euphonik lands in more trouble over “fake” chat from rape victim, Nampree


Euphonik has been cancelled by a higher percentage of Mzansi social media users, following a screenshot reportedly from Nampree; a lady who accused the DJ and DJ Fresh of sexually abusing her.

The rape allegation has been on for a while and gone legal. Both DJs claim to be innocent, but their lives and career has been going through the most due to the issue.

On Saturday, Euphonik decided to share a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat from Nampree, saying that she apologizes for endangering him alongside DJ Fresh, as the rape accusation was all a lie.

“On a serious note. Before things really get out of hand. Can this girl’s family and friends help her before she hurts anyone else or herself? Unfortunately, my sister you’ve said, done and damaged way too much to expect any level of help from me,” he captioned the screenshot chat.

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However, Twitter users analyzed and investigated the screenshot, and lots of persons claim it’s was forged by the DJ to prove his innocence.

Assumption that it was a fake chat quickly spread on social media and further got Euphonik cancelled.

Despite being cancelled, the DJ seem to be unbothered, claiming he’s shared the truth.

Check out the chats and reactions below:

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