Ganji Gabriel Olabisi [A.K.A Gbee] Biography

After the death of my father, I  (Ganji Gabriel Olabisi A. K. A. Gbee) as the third son of the late prophet was very grateful and I’m living a peaceful life after my father’s death….
My name is Ganji Gabriel. O,  I’m 21 years of age.  I’m a computer literate and besides I learnt computer graphics designer in 2012, at Sabtech Computers at Aradagun Badagry Lagos State.  And I further more in my graphics skills at Net go tech computers at Ibereko Barack. 

After all this course, I worked at S-prime computers Imeke which I collect 3 thousand naira Only as a Salary per month  and the money normally being share my me and my father.
Still at that time, I’m still schooling…
But when my father see that the money has nothing to do with what I need in future, he stop me from going to the computer school where I do teach computer, and he find me money that is more than 50 thousand Naira, and he established my own Computer school for me at his Church entrance side.
I start managing small small with my few brothers, sisters and just 1 student from outside (Akano Shuaib).  It wasn’t easy by then, my father was just like an Angel to me and to my brother and sisters. 

What a great father
As time goes on,  I’m improving gradually and my student are becoming two, three, four, thing are working right by then and by then I’m managing my Shop and also Schooling at State senior high school Ibereko Badagry Lagos State.
Anybody that is going to heaven should help me send my gratitude to him cause he has finished all what he came to to do in this world.  Cars, Bicycles, Houses, Church, Land.
He gave birth to both boy and girl and he has seen Grand child.  So what did you think he lack???
So I can’t say my father died a disgraceful death or untimely death cause he has done the best in his life time.
But before his death, he planed his 8th Adult Harvest in September, 2016. And he plan it well, but not knowing that will be his last Harvest on earth. He plan to Slater two Cow yet he made it possible and he fulfilled all his plan and people were like ocean on the harvest day that him too did not expect.
My father was the best father I’ve ever seen, which him too always says so, but a week after the Harvest was a week I can never forget in my life. My father begin this his sickness and we all started treat him even with his wife. After he has been taken out for proper treatment in Benin Republic for many days, my father surrendered to God almighty on the 6th of Oct., 2016.
His death was shock to all the church members,  the Church at large and to his Children’s.  But what can a man do,  we all accepted that his lost was from God the creator… 
I continue managing my Shop and my school was abandoned. And I begins to add music to my work and where I’m now, all glory to God that I’m living at large according to what my father has lay down in me and all his children. I’m using this medium to thank all those that keep supporting us morally and financially,  I pray that God in his mercy will always be there you too and ur children’s.  
Thanks for your patience, thanks reading this post.
Once more, My name is Ganji Gabriel Olabisi aka Gbee the thunder rapper.
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