Ghanaian woman abroad gets her heart broken by Sugar boy; threatens to commit suicide


This is a Heartbreak story of a married woman and her ‘sugar boy’ who’s name we are told is Nicholas.

In a video sighted online, a good-looking Ghanaian woman living abroad in tears has shared her sad and painful broken heart story.

Her parents are not dead, her siblings are not sick but she has been dumped by a young man, hence the cries.

According to the woman, though she’s married with kids, she gave her whole heart to this young man identified as Nicolas because she loved him more than anything else in this world.

Knowing well that having extramarital affairs is a sin as inscribed in the Holy Bible, the married woman still accepted the proposal of the young man who is as good as her son when he walked up to her to propose.

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After so many years of being together as lovers following his proposal, Nicholas has ditched her. This, the woman still can’t get over.

The heartbroken woman weeping uncontrollably in the video revealed that her  ‘sugar boy’ chose his girlfriend over her without caring about the aftermath.

The woman who gave her name as Grace whiles narrating her broken heart story threatened to commit suicide because she can’t stand it anymore.

The sight of her ‘sugar boy’ in the arms of another lady will cause her more harm, hence the last and final option to take her life to end it all. The pain is too much!


What may have compelled the ‘sugar boy’ to dump the woman is not fully ascertained but we are thinking is due to the fact that she’s married and the boy’s guilty conscience is not making him rest.

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