How Swachhcoin Melts The Gold From Waste! [A Must Read]

waste crisis in major cities around the world is becoming critical.
There are concerns raised over the inability of governments to tackle
the ever-growing volume of wastes.
the introduction of blockchain has given us new insights on how to
solve the global waste crisis. There are lots of firms looking to create
blockchain based platforms that will positively disrupt the waste
management industry. Prominent among these firms is Swachhcoin.
has been able to design effective models that will eventually eradicate
the lingering waste crisis in many cities of the world. We will be
highlighting the innovative solutions Swachhcoin has been able to
proffer to the global waste management.

Problems Facing the Global Waste Management

The Nonchalant Attitude of the Mass Population

A lot of people are not concerned about the environmental impact of not disposing of wastes the right way.

Excessive Waste Generation

amount of waste generated by major cities of the world is increasing
exponentially. The United States of America has been reported to
contribute 250 million tons of wastes annually to the global waste
volume. Another report revealed that the Kolkata’s annual waste volume
is expected to reach 52.2 million tons by 2021. At the moment, Kolkata’s
annual waste volume has been increasing by 20% since 2016.

Landfill Issue

are becoming hazardous to our environments. The toxic wastes dumped on
these landfills eventually penetrates the groundwater and make them
unfit for consumption. In addition, many of these landfills are no more
able to house the enormous waste being generated by the communities they
serve. The landfill that serves Kolkata has been reported to be at the
verge of collapse.

Organized Mismanagement

has been gross mismanagement of funds in the waste management industry.
In addition, policies that have been introduced in some cities have not
helped curb the increase of toxic wastes. There are not enough
resources to recycle the wastes generated globally.

How Do Swachhcoin Plan On Solving The Global Waste Crisis?

The Introduction of Incentives for Proper Disposal of Waste

plans on encouraging people to dispose of their wastes properly. This
will be done by giving incentives to people that dispose of the waste
they generate properly. Therefore, more people will be aware and
enlightened about the best ways to dispose of their wastes.

Swachhcoin Will Be Deploying Smart Bins

of the major problems in the waste management industry is the rigorous
process involved with sorting wastes. Swachhcoin will be introducing
SwBIN’s to sort through waste right from the source.

Swachhcoin Will Be Implementing Groundbreaking Technologies

will be improving the present technologies used by waste management and
recycling facilities. Some of the technologies to be deployed for more
efficient waste management include:
  • Blockchain technology
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
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is aiming to revolutionize the waste management industry with
innovative tools and strategies. Their introduction to the global waste
industry will definitely turn waste into gold.
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