I wore a double mask because of common sense – Duncan Williams reacts


The founder and leader of Action Chapel International Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has opened up on why he decided to wear double nose mask at the funeral and burial of Jerry John Rawlings.

Photo of Duncan Williams in double nose mask surfaced on social media which got people asking questions.

According to netizens, the Archbishop has been praying for the coronavirus to stop infecting people and he decided to storm the late Jerry John Rawlings burial with double masks which means he doesn’t even believe in his prayer.

He was subjected to some trolling on social media, but the preacher during his sermon yesterday took time out to address why he decided to wear two masks to avoid catching the coronavirus.

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Duncan Williams stated that he wore them not because of faith but common sense tells him he should protect himself

“Any atmosphere that is not prayer and Holy Ghost saturated, I will use my double mask and that has nothing to do with the faith that just has to do with common sense.

For the bible says, ‘Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can imagine,’ that word imagine means ‘think’ and it is common sense so use your head,” Archbishop Duncan Williams disclosed.

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