If you bold enough go to Saudi Arabia & try opening a LGBTQI office and see – Lawyer blast Diplomats


Famous Legal practitioner Faisal Ibrahim has lambasted diplomats in the country who are advocating for the movement of the LGBTQI to be giving the necessary recognition in the Ghana.

Following an announcement that the LGBTQI opened an office in Accra, the outspoken lawyer believes the country is over-tolerating what is deemed to be illegal according to the country’s laws.

The LGBTQI office was reportedly opened on 31st Jan 2021 where a number of dignitaries were in attendance including Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, the Danish Ambassador to Ghana and some officials of the European Union(EU).

Lawyer Ibrahim is worried over the development and has been questioning why such offices are not being opened in countries like Saudi Arabia.

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The lawyer speaking in an interview with Peace FM stressed that diplomats who are speaking for the LGTBQI group advocating for their rights should rather advice them to go to Saudi Arabia to open such offices.

“Why don’t they introduce the same thing in saudi Arabia?Why don’t they try?” he quizzed.

“Because they know their values and religious principles don’t support it but why is that when they come to Africa, they feel they come and tell us anything they want?”

”You have the right to be whatever you want to do in your country but when you leave your country to another country, at least show respect that you’re going to deal with people there.

“So, don’t come and impose your ideas and values… I feel it is an act of arrogance and disrespect to us, African” He stressed.

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