IK Ogbonna’s Wife Sonia Shows She Is Worth More Than Her Marriage With This Message

There is a particular image married women have to portray and Ik Ogbonna’s wife Sonia is not identifying herself with the stereotype.

Sonia reacted to a direct message on her Instagram criticising the way she dresses and shows her body as not ‘wifely’ by saying that she is a queen and marriage should not be treated as a lifetime achievement.

She said,
“Message is very simple: you are a QUEEN. And marriage is not the ultimate life achievement nor validation of a woman’s worth neither is a curse. So keep looking like a QUEEN that you are forever & ever. Stay fly, stop shows everywhere you go and love you some you and your life will become more fun, beautiful & fulfilled and yes, other women’s appearance won’t get at you in a negative way no more. #SlaySistaA woman too is a human being and yes she too has only one life to live. Stop supporting oppression, it’s enough we gotta deal with your period every month.” 

View her posts below.

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