written by Hon. Uwandu Ikedi 
It is disheartening when you see people that claim they own Imo State without having any say the way governorship seat is being shared or better still zoned, not having a say does not mean they are not in the government of Imo State but what I’m trying to buttress here is all about zoning in Imo state and the the position of Owerri zone to that effect. 
It is high time we(Owerri zone) woke up, looking at the way things are going in Imo state if Owerri zone is not careful 2019 election will be another mystery to them. I stand to be corrected if I’m making mistakes since 1999 Orlu zone has ruled for 16 years Okigwe zone 8 years but Owerri zone only 1 year and 10 months, does it mean we don’t have people from Owerri zone that are capable or focused politicians? The answer is no. I’m not talking about people that has been in politics without any achievement, visionless (if there is any thing like that) people like Emeka Ihedioha and co. but people with vision and focused, blood that has the zeal to move Imo state to another level like Hon. 
Godstime Samuel the present YAN Speaker for example. 
Some people might be of the view that zoning is not important and beneficial, haven studied the political structure of most of the States in Nigeria I can rightly tell you that zoning the seat of governorship of a state is very good and beneficial, at least the people of Enugu State can attest to it, Governor Chimaroke who’s from Nkanu developed his constituency  during his regime and his people are enjoying it now. 
Governor Sullivan who’s from Enugu West also developed his constituency which is being seen even by the blind man. Now the seat of government has been zoned to Nsukka which governor Ifeanyi is doing everything humanly possible to develop his constituency. 
On the other hand people of Rivers state especially the Ognis’ can attest to the evil befalling them since 1999, Ikwerre has been producing the governor till date, will you tell me if the governorship seat should be zoned to Ogni they will not utilize the opportunity to develop and clean up their region?(though that is their business) it is high time we adapt the pattern of zoning which is being operated in Enugu State for the development of all constituency in Imo State. 
Even if Owerri is seen as the capital city of Imo State there are many places which is not developed and social amenities are lacking.
The next contention I have is why should Ohaji/Egbema be part of Orlu zone maybe because of the oil in that local government and Imo palm plantation. 
Ohaji is not meant to be part of Orlu at all. Why I’m not happy with those politicians that come from there is that they are all after money and personal interest, Hon. Luck Chukwu is one of them, maybe their youths are still sleeping or they are more interested in their farmlands. 
Despite the fact they produce oil that sustains Imo State and Nigeria their local government still constitute an eyesore.
In conclusion, in zoning, that particular zone have to bring out one candidate that will be accepted by everyone in that zone, this is what I expects Owerri zone to do now before 2019 election and avoid conflict of interest among themselves. 
Uwandu Ikedi Igbonekwe J.

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