SUAPP is a decentralized peer-to-peer idea sharing and reward platform for African students to discover, gain and share their ideas and knowledge. 
The platform was born from the vision of addressing the existing problems in the education sector. 
The major goal of SUAPP is to provide reliable and quality content that is free of promotional spam or other forms of unwanted contents. 
SUAPP will help students to grow and explore in an effective and efficient manner. SUAPP is different from other knowledge-based platforms through its unique reward system. 
SUAPP incorporates a rewarding system that rewards students for their contributions within the platform. This unique reward program will encourage users to share quality and valuable ideas that will play a key role in boosting Africa’s economy.
 The key features of the SUAPP are:
=> Accessibility from any device: SUAPP is efficiently built to be used on any device with the reach of the African students and it is user friendly very easy to comprehend. With SUAPP African students will discover, gain and share their ideas and knowledge through any device available or accessible to them. 
=> Engaging learning journey:SUAPP is developed to take students through real time learning in school, it will enable to students to engage and study effectively from the beginning till graduation of any African student. SUAPP is the best Student Companion as it made to sail through the learning process with every African student. 
=> Personalized feedback and support among students: This is of the utmost features of SUAPP to convey personalized feedback within students and aid students to interact with one another through a simplified medium. 
=> Community and social features which can include private messaging: This means SUAPP can be used for private chat with fellow students and can also be used as a platform for everyone student to interact, send and receive vital information. SUAPP is used to build social relationships with the African students in various institutions.


=> Real time engagement and metrics: It’s critical that the metrics being measured reflect meaningful data in SUAPP; when metrics don’t reveal something helpful and useful, they become busywork that bogs down learning and distracts students them from what really matters in their education, we have taken time to create relevance in SUAPP dashboard to enable every user to engage visibly through friendly user interface.

=> Instant notifications both within the platform’s user interface and through email: SUAPP also delivers customized instant notification to every user within private chats and in community groups chat, these notifications can be show or sent to SUAPP users through email and also directly on the user interface.  
=> Real time tracking of students’ and other participant’s engagement level in the idea sharing process, and Secured communication and transaction over the internet: SUAPP is highly encrypted; it is blockchain-based making it one the most secured platform in the internet that is safer from attackers. SUAPP tracks and store record of every activity carried out with users consent and help students’ at all level for idea sharing process and communication. Every interaction or transaction carried out on SUAPP is highly secured because it is built on a decentralized technology.
All more will be accomplish on this promising project.
SUAPP Sales details:
Crowdsales Start: Septenmber 27th, 2018, Monday, 00:01 AM (GMT)
Hard cap: $5m (Approx: 15,000 ETH)
Soft cap: $750,000 (Approx: 2,500 ETH)
Token Name: SUAPP
Token Symbol: SUP
Minimum Investment: $10
ICO Sales: 50Billion (SUP)
Total Supply: 100Billion (SUP)
Project protocol: Ethereum-based (ERC20) token
Mode of Payment: Bitcoin (ВТC) and Ethereum (ETH) (ESCROW)
Crowdsales End: November 15th, 2018, Thursday, 23:59 PM (GMT)
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