#InfluencerChallenge: Mihlali pranks her mom


Mihlali have joined the group of those doing the hashtag, Influencer Challenge.

It is a TikTok prank challenge, and for this one you’ve got to pretend to be an Instagram influencer.

This is done in front of your family or friends, making a video sharing tips about something no one in the world asked you.

You lie through your teeth, then see how your family or friends react with your camera flipped.

However, one of the latest South African celebrity to join the challenged is Mihlali as she pranks her mom.

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In the video she shared on Twitter, she said many people have been asking her about her body, how she stays in shape.

She replied she has not been eating meat any more, does not drink alcohol again and the look on her mom was hilarious.

Many took to the comment section to express how entertaining it is to watch Mihlali’s mom as she made the prank.

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