Kitchen stool headmaster to be buried tomorrow


Mr. Robert Quaye Nortey Seppey who is known to many Ghanaians as ‘Kitchen Stool headmaster’ is set to be buried tomorrow.

The headteacher became famous after he was captured in a sex-tape that went viral years ago banging one of his female students on a kitchen stool.

In the Video, the female student was made to put her kneels on a popular Ghanaian kitchen stool while her hands were put on the bare floor.

Robert was later dismissed by the Ghana Education Service (GES) after they sighted the video trending on social media.

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Sadly on December 7, 2020, he kicked the bucket and up until now the actual cause of death is yet to be known by the general public.

Posters of his funeral poster has surfaced on social media which indicates that he is set to be buried tomorow at his hometown Ada Wakumagbe.

See the poster below:


He left behind 4 children and a wife.

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