LET’S PLAY!!! Back In School Days, Which Of Your Subject Teacher Was The Best Beater

Hi Guys,

One of those things we always cherish for the rest of our lives are those memories we have of ourselves when we were young.

Growing up is one of the greatest challenges we face as human. We often have the best experiences as peers in school.

Back then in school, we tend to have different set of people as our teachers and we hardly forget about then while growing up because they all have various ways they’ve impacted on us.

During school days, mathematics teachers are commonly known for their beating skills, every school in the area i grew up have similar thigs. Mathematics, chemistry, and Geography teachers are always blessed with extra beating skills aside thier teaching abilities.

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However, To cut the long story short, everyone has their various experiences about getting flogged by teachers.

Some would have even use canes to beat your head asking you to position yourself properly for them to flog you. at the end of it all, you get about 40 strokes instead of the proposed 5 strokes of cane you were supposed to take.

So Guys, here is the question

Back In School Days, Which Of Your Subject Teacher Was The Best Beater

Lets have your say on this interesting topic

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