Lil Kesh Finally Speaks Out Saying He Was Never Deported From The US

it was in the news that popular singer, Lil Kesh, was deported from the US. Even though the report was quite sketchy, the singer never addressed the matter till recently in an interview with him.

 In an exclusive chat with the YAGI lead act, the singer explained why he never addressed the issue.

He simply said;

“I was never deported from America. The news is totally false and that is all I have to say. I kept quiet about the report to make a point, which is that there is no point addressing an issue that is not true. If I had spoken, it might have appeared that I was shedding more light on the situation. But it is not true that I was deported from America.”

Recently, his colleague, Reekado Banks, made a statement during his Thank You Concert in Ibadan in which he said that he was better than Lil Kesh and that there was no basis for comparison.

However, reacting to the Reekado Banks’ claims that he is a better musician, Lil Kesh simply said, “I saw the video online where Reekado Banks said that he was better than me, but I have nothing to say about that.

I don’t care what anybody says, and I don’t have any feelings regarding what he said because I am just in my own world.”

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Taking a trip down memory lane, the Rora singer spoke about how he felt when he was exiting Olamide’s record label, YBNL.

He revealed that even though it was a huge step in his career, he was not scared to leave the record label.

“I was not scared when I took the step to leave Olamide’s record label. I am never scared; I just knew it was the right move, so I was never scared.

So far, I think the steps have helped me more as a person and as a brand. For one, I am a better person mentally and right now, I am not an instrument for the growth of someone’s business. Instead, I am instrumental in my own growth.

“Looking at the financial side as well, it was a good step.

I cannot say I would reap what I have sown immediately, but every move I make now is to ensure I have a brighter future. I am doing all this for the future. When I announced that I left Olamide’s record label, some people were skeptical, but I proved them wrong by releasing hit songs.

To me, there was no option of failure; it was a win-win situation. That was my strength and my fans have been so amazing in motivating me. Thanks to my fans. With little effort, the results have always been amazing.

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“Life as a label owner compared to when I was under a record label is good, but I have more responsibilities now. Life is a bit tougher now because of the responsibilities; it depicts growth and leaving YBNL was a very big step in my life,” the singer said.

Delving a bit into his private life, the singer said that he had not been in a relationship since the beginning of 2017. When he was probed further, he said that he did want to talk about his private life.

He said, “I don’t have a girlfriend and the last time I was in a relationship was early last year.”

It should be recalled that the two artists had a ‘beef’ at the 2015 Headies Awards.

Reekado Banks took home the award for the Next Rated Artiste, which came with a new SUV and this caused a stir as some people had thought Lil Kesh would win the award.

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