Linda Ikeji’s Predicaments Were The Reason Why I Got Married – 23Yrs Old Controversial Blogger, Kisha

Not Everyone Would Understand The Journey. Not Everyone Would Be Proud
Enough To Share their Story but a quick recap would do if Time permits. I
Might Not Be Able To Withhold My Tears but God willing, I’ll ensure I
write this to the Very Last!

Dating back to this day 5 years ago, I was moved to pursue this
Amiborous course after an experience that i never thought could happen
to anybody in the world

I was just A 17years old Scholar with Youthful Exuberance but yet again,
I acquainted Myself with lots of reading, writing and I also had love
for Investigative Journalism though working ordinarily as an editor for
an Online Media Platform until I stumbled upon an issue of a then
Senator whose 26Years Old Son Raped a 2Year old Child.

On that day, I was at a Friends House While the Teary Aunt of this
little child who visited them, told this “Heart Breaking & Ear
Sickening Ordeal” while she wept profusely.

The Child who lived with her parents in the City was playing with her
mates when this Ravaging Paedophile Called her to come and buy something
for him. On getting there, he lured her inside and forcefully defiled
her. She couldn’t walk back home hence, he brought her out and laid her
on the ground and went his way while she bled

Passersby who saw him drop her, on knowing whose the little was, ran
straight to the parents who couldn’t believe their eyes, went straight
to the predators house and this time, his parents were all around

Instead of doing the needful, The Senator Selfishly wanted Protect His
Image and Name & Sort to pay this poor girl’s Family Off but after
they rejected it despite the Senator’s Countless Trials, He Resorted to
threats. He Threatened Thunder & Lightening. He even went as far as
threatening them that should this news spread further, that “He Will
Ensure He Wipes Their Remnants From The  Earth Surface”.

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Few days later, the Child Died.

While this Woman told this traumatizing Ordeal of theirs, I was lost in
thoughts, though I had nothing, but I knew I could

After the day’s discussion, I reached out to her. I advised her to tell
the Bereaved Family that when next the Senator Comes, they should
pretend to have accepted his Offer since they’ve already lost their
Little One and When He Stretches his arms to give them his ill gotten
money, let every moment of it be captured from a far.

The day came and just as we agreed, we got what we wanted and
thereafter, the Bereaved Father knowing the Plan, Went on an Emotional
Outburst hence, Retracting his Words and Returning his money back to
him. I was forwarded Every Details I could need and instantly, I went
into action. I published it and since its a Renown platform then, within
the first few Hours of its publication, the news went viral. Before I
could even say Jack, I’ve started receiving Life threatening calls From
the Then Senator’s Camp.

For the First time in My Entire Life, I knew I was on a ‘Just Course’
and if perhaps I die for it, I also knew I would have died right.

Later that day, I was having Conversing With My Father when a call came
through. I picked and Lo & Behold, It Was The Senator’s Lawyer.

He Began Like this; “Hello Young Lady,  I’m Senator (Name Withheld)
Attorney and I’m here to inform you that you have been charged to court
for Defamation of Character, False Accusation, this, this and
that”…Before He Could Conclude, I bursted into
laughter… It was a teary one but I wasn’t
scared even if I go in for it… Hahaha!

My Father on Hearing what I’ve gotten myself into, was left speechless. I
sat close to him and beckoned on him to Lend Me 1Million. He shockingly
asked me; 1Million? I answered yes and he bursted into a long
laughter…. And then he asked, Treasure Are You Mad? Where Did You See
One Million? Do I look like I have 1Million to give you for

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I felt fed up with the height of the immoralities going on in our
Society. I intended using that money to start Up a Charity
Organization/Foundation tasked. Would See to Such Issues but yet again, I
was way too young.

I knew I could not fight it all but at least, I could try. While we were
contemplating on this, a thought came to my mind and immediately, I
decided to initiate it. I shared photographs of that awkward moment the
Senator was handing the bribe to the Bereaved Parents via MMS to the
Senator’s Attorney and without any hesitation, He Called and Words
Changed. He was now begging. Please Don’t Post that

“How Much Do We Pay You To Bring The Post Down” He asked. They even
offered Me #300,000 in order not to implicate him more and to also bring
down the Post.

As days went by and I was vehemently Keen on My Decision, they reached
out to the Owner of the platform who joyfully, brought down the post
while smiling to the Bank. If you don’t accept it, someone else will,
She Said To Me and that was the last time I worked with her ever again.

Though I was just A Girl, but I knew had Dreams That No Amount Of Money
Could Buy. “Loyal and efficient work is a great cause, even though it
may not be immediately recognized, but it ultimately bears fruit.“

Thank you to everyone that has supported Us Through This Journey.
Thank You To Everyone Keeping it real out there.

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