Love Tips: 7 Types Of Guys Women Can’t Never Resist

Have you ever wondered why some
guys have all the luck when it comes
to women? It’s no secret that certain
archetypal males have been proven
over and over to be irresistible to
women — and it’s not simply because
of their good looks or a well-defined
six pack. The truth is that women
tend to be attracted to certain
personality traits and so, naturally,
they flock to the men who possess
them. Below are seven of these “ideal
types” of men that women are drawn
to, and an explanation as to why
these men are so appealing. But
don’t freak out or permanently alter
your personality if you don’t fit into
any of these categories exactly —
women will see right through that.
Ideally, you should exude some traits
from each of these different
categories; in fact, you probably
already do. With a quick perusal of
the list below, you should be in much
better shape to understand what
women are looking for, and most
importantly, to make sure that you fit
the bill.
1. The Romantic Guy He believes in
classic romance. He is constantly
bringing her flowers and chocolate
and lighting candles during dinner.
He calls her often to let her know he
is thinking about her and looks into
her eyes and tells her how he feels.
Why he is so irresistible: A woman
loves to feel appreciated, and the
romantic guy makes this happen. He
uses romantic gestures to show her
he is thinking about her. As an added
bonus, she feels free to reciprocate
and act on her own romantic
2. The Confident Guy He is totally
secure and sure of himself. He is
assertive in public and gives off an
aura of power and control (within
reason of course, as the “cocky guy”
is not on this list). In a relationship,
he doesn’t get jealous of other men;
he doesn’t feel threatened by his
girlfriend’s male friends or co-
workers. Why he is so irresistible:
Women are attracted to confident
men. Consider this: If you think you
are great, she will probably be
influenced to think the same. The
confident man doesn’t seek approval
from women, and this makes them
want him even more.
3. The Artistic Guy The artistic guy is
spontaneous and lives for the
moment. Often, he will use his
creativity to woo her, such as with a
song he has written about her or a
painting he has made for her. Why he
is so irresistible: Every woman wants
to feel unique and special. There is no
better way to make her feel this way
than to use her as your muse or your
source of inspiration. She is intrigued
by the artistic guy’s creative mind
and especially by the way he
incorporates her into his art.
Charismatic, rebellious, smart, and
considerate men all get the girl.
4. The Foreign Guy He comes from a
faraway exotic country; he might
have a cute accent or a unique way of
seeing the world. His social customs
and everyday behaviour can be a
little quirky, but he always manages
to come off as uniquely charming.
Note that you don’t have to actually
be foreign to fit into this category. If
you are well-travelled or speak many
languages, you might be able to pull
off the charm as well as any sweet-
talking foreigner. Why he is so
irresistible: Charisma, charisma and
charisma. There’s not much more I
can say about this one; it’s just that
mysterious je ne sais quoi that is so
alluring. Women often choose this
kind of guy if they are curious about
the world, but most of the appeal
comes down to a fascination with
dating someone from another culture.
5. The Free Spirit Guy (aka the Bad
Boy) The free spirit guy goes where
the wind takes him — and the wind
usually takes him on some kind of
wacky adventure. He might ride a
motorcycle, or he might skip work to
take her on a last-minute road trip,
but this guy doesn’t worry too much
about the consequences; he just sees
where his own devices take him. Why
he is so irresistible: Every woman
wants a bit of a rebel (within reason,
of course). She loves his carefree
attitude and hopes that it will rub off
on her too. The bad boy spirit adds
an element of youthfulness to the
relationship and she loves to try
taming him — although she knows
she’ll never actually succeed.
6. The Intelligent/Witty Guy He
instigates conversations that are
intellectually stimulating and listens
to what she has to say in response.
He makes her laugh with his clever
sense of humour and could make a
conversation about Gordon Brown
seem interesting. He can shoot the
breeze with her for hours and it will
never get boring. Why he is so
irresistible: As time goes on, your
hairline may recede and your buff
body may soften, but if you can keep
her interested, you’ve won half the
battle. An intellectual connection is a
big part of what sustains a
relationship and if you can show her
that you’ve got that, she’ll be hooked
pretty quickly.
7. The Considerate Guy He holds
open her car door and pulls out her
chair. He foots the bill for dinner and
makes sure to offer her dessert. He
always asks her out with reasonable
notice and picks her up at her door.
He is generally sensitive to how she is
feeling and when she is ready to go
home. Why he is so irresistible:
Surprised? You probably think that
nice, considerate guys never get the
woman, but consider this: Once a
woman has gone through her share
of the bad guy, the rude guy and the
not-calling-her-back guy, she will
likely re- evaluate her priorities. It
takes a bit of maturity on her part to
realise this, but eventually most girls
come around and realise that they
want a guy who will treat them well in
the long run. a word of caution Don’t
take any of these character types to
the extreme or try to be someone
you’re not — it will be obvious. The
key to success here is to keep in
mind why women like the character
traits outlined above and what kind of
gestures they appreciate. Then, mix
them up and see which of these traits
and gestures you are most
comfortable with. With just a little bit
of effort, you’ll be able to find more
than a few irresistible qualities within
yourself — and accordingly, she’ll be
easily wooed by your new found
individuality. Now isn’t that worth
your time?