Man fleds after scan shows his wife is carrying triplet


A 34 year old mother in northern Tanzania has shared her experience about how her husband abandoned home upon realizing she was pregnant with triplet.

Zawadi Mussa later gave birth in january 2021 which makes her have a total of 8 children.

Unfortunately due to extreme poverty condition she lost one of her triplet in the first week of february 2021.

According to Zawadi Mussa she never saw this coming when she married her husband Pili Shaban 16 years ago.

Zawada indicated in an interview that since her husband walked out her life has really changed and things have not been easy at all.

According to the overburdened mother, her husband packed his belongings and left in May 2020 in peak of the COVID-19 outbreak in the world leaving her to feed on manual jobs she has been picking.

“I gave birth to my three children in January, the first two who came out were sons and the last one a girl, came out under duress. She had her hands and legs tied by the cord.

I actually thought she was dead because she was not doing anything or breathing. A mid wife came, poured cold water on her and tried to resuscitate her but nothing happened and we came to conclusion that she was dead until ten minutes later when she sneezed but no sound came out.” Zawadi said.


When asked about why she her husband left, she had this to say, ”I think he felt the pinch of what this new pregnancy was going to cost us. We never had any arguments, we have been living peacefully together for 16 years.

It must have been the pregnancy. He left on May 29 in 2020 and he took everything including my clothes.” Since the husband left, she was forced to toughen up despite her situation as an expectant mother and took manual jobs so as to provide for everyone in the family. Said Zawandi.

”I used to take my 10-year-old child to accompany me to these manual jobs. The other two who are five and two years old would remain behind and protect our humble home.”

According to her if the husband decide to comeback, she will forgive him as she does not hold any grudge against him.

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”If he decides to change and come back then we will continue with our marriage. I never have those anger issues.” Zawadi advised other married men to own up to their responsibilities and stay even when the going gets tough adding:

”I beseech men to take care of their women so that they do not leave them in such poor situations like the one I am currently in.” She added.

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