Meet The Nigerian Man Living In One Of The Coldest Villages In The World [Photos]

A Nigerian man decided to share his chilling experience after spending four years in Russia’s Yakutia, which hosts the coldest village on Earth.

Mark Babatunde who is now enjoying his life in Yakutia, which he now calls home, shared his experience online, calling his blog: “The Northest African in the World.”

According to RT, Mark met a Yakutian girl, Natalia, when he studied in China and decided to perform a northward journey with her.Mark confessed to journalists that he was shocked when he arrived. “The cold was the worst thing. I wasn’t used to living like the people do here,” he said.

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The average winter temperatures in Yakutia stand at minus 35 Celsius, while the winter lasts for a whole nine months. It’s also home to the village Oymyakon where a Guinness World Record of minus 71.2 Celsius was measured back in 1926.

Mark who adapted fast now has three kids with Natalia and a job as a teacher of Chinese and English at a school in village of Oi. His pupils absolutely adore him, saying that Babatunde is “a great teacher and person.”

A local delicacy called ‘Stroganina’ slices of raw fish or meat served cold has become one of Mark’s favorite treats. He also learned to speak Russian and his Yakutian is also improving by the day.

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Watch the video below