Nigerian Lady Bewitched Lover Who Dumped Her (Photos)

A Nigeria lady was seen in a viral video released on social media with a doll baby wrapped in many clothing, used as a charm to bewitch her ex-lover.

According to the lady, her ex-lover was identified as Alex represented as the doll baby whom she dressed in suit, covering its head with white clothing, tied the feet and hand and was raining curses on it.

Explaining the meaning of the several clothing on the doll baby, the lady revealed that the white covering umbrella on his head means he would never see anything good in his life, while the tied hand and feet means he won’t have any form of progress in his life.

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She concluded by dishing out a warning to him, speaking in pidgin English, she said ‘in your next life when you see woman wey get big bom bom, you’ll pick your two shoes and run for your life’.