‘Nigerians Are Unhappy,’ Okorocha Tells Buhari To Establish Happiness Ministry To Curb Suicide

Senator Rochas Okorocha has attributed the increasing rate of suicide witnessed in recent times to the level of unhappiness in the country.

Speaking on floor of the Senate on Tuesday, July 9, 2019, Okorocha advocated for the establishment of a ‘Department of Happiness’ to cater for the needs of unhappy Nigerians.

The former Imo governor said the ‘Ministry of Happiness’ created by his administration helped reduce the cases of unhappiness in the state.

“Majority of Nigerians are not happy,” Okorocha began. “Our nation is characterised with unhappiness… Why would one want to take his life simply because he or she is tired of life?

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“Many people commit suicide because they lack the ability to express themselves or to share their feelings with anybody. A step should be further taken to find out why these people are not happy to the extent that they will take their life.

“I think a department should be created to look into this issue. When I did created the Ministry of Happiness, it was perhaps the most misunderstood but the most effective ministry in Imo State, to address issues of this nature.

“If our policies does not guarantee the happiness of people, then it is a failed policy. Allow me the next time to present a motion on the urgent need to establish a department of happiness where people can go and express themselves.