OIL WRESTLING!! See Why Turkish Men Engage In This Kind Of Wrestling!


The history of oil wrestling links back to 2650 BC with evidence from Ancient Egypt, Assyria, and other regions within the geographic area. The Babylonian body of evidence, a little bronze, was excavated near the Chafadji-temple. 
The bronze clearly concerns oil wrestlers as they depict both athletes with olive vessels on their heads. The oldest-known proof of the existence of oil-wrestling in Ancient Egypt is found in limestone from the tomb of Ptahhoteb near Saqqara from the Fifth dynasty (about 2650 BC) from the identical period because of the Chafadji-bronze. 

Another appealing proof is about 4000 years old and painted a cartoon in a very tomb near Beni Hasan in Egypt. The deceased who occupied this tomb


is assumed to possess been a famous oil-wrestler in his time. Within the first picture, the greasing of the wrestler and also the oil stored in they see a very reed stem. 

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Within the second picture, the wrestling starts. From this, they will trace the fundamental rules of the game. Centuries later, the Persian Empire conquered Egypt, and also the Persian shah occupied the Pharaoh’s throne. it absolutely was during this era that oil wrestling began in Iran. 

Forty-year-old Gokcen, with 25 years of experience in Kirkpinar wrestling, said local traditions were the most dynamics creating a national identity, and therefore the Kirkpinar festival, during this context, played a large ro


le in shaping Turkish culture. 

“Sweating on the grounds where the legendary wrestlers appeared for hundreds of years is an experience that I cannot put into words,” he said, adding he would still be a part of the Kirkpinar festival his whole life. Today, to preserve the tradition, authorities still send such candles to wrestlers. Then comes pesrev, the terpsichore of wrestlers where they warm up, kindle the group and salute their opponents. The announcer introduces wrestlers to the spectators in rhyme.

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