Olamide’s Kana Music Video Is A Middle Finger To The NBC – Find Out

“How effective is the ban anyway?” must be his thought as he settled for the concept of the Kana video. 

The NBC ‘ban’ usually comes after the song or the video has gained traction. It usually comes when fans already have the audio on their devices and after the video has been made available for viewing on YouTube. 
Even when the song or video is announced as unfit for broadcast, it only covers traditional broadcast platforms – TV and radio, which is little or less of a source of revenue to Olamide compared to his income from streams and views on digital platforms. 
In fact, from the decision to involve Asians in the video and the Kana sound template, it is obvious that the YBNL man has his sight set beyond the market that the NBC is blocking the entrance to. Olamide seems to have his eyes set on the international market that, of late, has been attentive to the sounds coming out of Nigeria and increasingly receptive of our music. 
The local broadcast channel can remain under the lock and key of the NBC while new channels of broadcast are increasingly opening up to our artistes. Olamide seems to have recognised this and is starting to make use of the new openings to get past the NBC restrictions and achieve his goal. 
The Kana video appears to be an early step to what might become a revolution against the powers that be. Other artistes whose artistic expressions are being confined by the strict rules of the NBC, are sure to take cue from Olamide and find ways to get their content out with fear. If we cannot find our Olamide & co. on TV or the radio, we know where to go.
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