Omashola Blames Sir Dee For Thier Group ‘The Icons’ Misfortune

Omashola had a tough time coming to terms with the fact that his team lost last night as he pointed accusing fingers to Sir Dee.

Sir Dee represented his team for the second task of the night which had him race to untie shoelaces in a bucket and tie it to the pole. Unfortunately, he lost to his opponent Mike who won ahead of him with just a point.

Lamenting on his views of how Sir Dee failed to pay full attention to him during the challenge, Omashola accused Sir Dee of not being a team player which resulted in the downfall of ‘The Icons’.

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This sensitive critics of his proceeded to disagreements within ‘The Icons’ teammates.

Tagging Omoshola’s constructive criticism as insensitive and inappropriate at the time with which he chose to project his undiluted accusations, Frodd suggested that the team moves on from this defeat and channels their energy towards restrategizing and moving forward.