Please stay out of prostitution! Popular blogger caution tertiary students (Especially Girls)


Please stay out of prostitution!Popular blogger warn
tertiary students (Especially Girls)

The rate at which university students pursue money while in
school this days is very bad and needs to be addressed, if you have been to
school especially university/Polytechnic/College of Education etc 
You will
notice and understand what am talking about, its unfair; few days a go a student of a popular school was dumbed dead
somewhere in Rivers State. 

Unwanted Pregnancy
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Drop Out of School
not trying to say that every student is corrupt but rather the rate is
alarming, i seriously respect the unique and exceptional students that
are doing well and maintaining their dignity in school… God bless 
Please change and amend your ways…

I am Dj Don Flash just wanna say my mind gaskiya….
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