Port-Harcourt Entertainment Industry Can Never Be Like That Of Lagos – Popular Blogger Explains Why?

I have actually taken time to study every development that occurred this year in Portharcourt, as many where heard only all over the social media making noise, some stealing and looting cash with the aim of improving our own Portharcourt Entertainment Industry.
Many of these men and women had their own selfish interest at heart while deceive people to buy there wicked idea that would help no one at all rather, filling there own pocket.
I am Uchenna Uwandu Founder and CEO of www.9jaupdate247.com i’m not saying all these for you to commend me, hate me or love, if e de pain you change is your case, i de my house come and beat me, i can not force you to change but the question is “HOW LONG CAN WE CONTINUE TO ENRICH ONLY OURSELVES ALONE?”
If you help the industry grow you will benefit from it, i will benefit from it, others will benefit from it, today will benefit, tomorrow will benefit, the future will benefit, so why kill it? 
Everywhere i go in Port Harcourt or each time i talk to pal about the industry and how it’s has been so far they keep blaming Lagos and comparing Port Harcourt to Lagos Entertainment Industry, my dear please stop blaming Lagos or Lagosians we are the cause and reason for our backwardness in the industry today.
Here in Portharcourt we place money above our career, a career that if properly harnessed shall yield us a lot of earnings in a short period of time, enough to take care of us and others if we wish to help individually.
I won’t mention any name but i must tell you, some Portharcourt artistes got no level at all, they are not professional, they don’t put respeck on their name at all, how would you rate an artiste that goes behind his Record Label to take money for show (Portharcourt) and an artiste that respects his Record Label and refer you to them each time you call him for show (Lagos).
Somebody decides to waste his money on you to support you build your career and dream which in return he/she has the aim of recovering the monies wasted on you while you under construction to fame, to gain value in the industry all you do now is joke with the contract because you think you have arrived. #SMH
Brother/Sister you de block ways for others thereby making it difficult for people to invest into young talent because of the past experience many might not want to help anyone again and we blame our Portharcourt wealthy people for not picking up people and sponsoring them to stardom.
You sign contract with Record Label in Portharcourt you no fit keep to wetin you sign, you go about collecting shows/money behind your Label, i swear if you try that with me i go smoke you, i will go extra miles to make sure i wreck your life so that others can learn from it, well e de pain me sha i just have to say my mind.
I strongly admire the level of professionalism Lagos Artiste exhibit in their dealings in the music business, they understand it’s business, they do it well, they love it put in their best, and it pays them large later.
Imagine the kind of contract Kiss Daniel Signed but he kept to it until the end, which Portharcourt artist can do that? abeg make we talk another thing a word is enough for anyone that is willing to change…
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